How do you create/colour your images?

My images start off as a sketch, I trace them with an ink pen, and erase the
pencil lines.  Next I scan the picture into my computer and clean up the lineart.  The programs I use to colour the images are Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro.

The backgrounds are usually created in Photoshop, but sometimes I use watercolours.

May I use your images?

I don't mind if you save my pictures or use them in layouts, etc..  You can even colour some of my images if you like.  But don't claim that you drew them.  If you do use my images at least give me credit, and a link back to my site.  ^_^

Could you make a picture for me?

At the very moment I am not taking any requests.  I may be tempted to do a art trade, but it depends on how busy I am.

May I post your images to my site?

Sure you can post my images on your website, just credit me and add a link back to my site.

Why are some the images missing/page/s not working right?

If there are any anomalies regarding my website, don't hesitate to e-mail me about it. 
This includes missing images, broken links, or any problems viewing my site.

I have a question.

I f you have any questions that you want to ask me just e-mail me. I will try to respond as expeditiously as possible.

Mata ne. ^_^


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